Wednesday, 12 April 2017

My inquiry project

Murphy the dog (vest fit)

What is this my subject?

My inquiry subject is a sandwich board vest for a dog the sort of dog we are using I a boracolie and his name is Murphy we chose Murphy because he is usually at school for us to do the measurements
And fitting because the principal  is the owner of
Murphy. only some day Murphy is here.for us to do are work.

I think my learning is on the rubric is?

I think my learning on this rubric is relational
Because I think most of my ideas connect
And I can share my project with any sort of group
I like to take all ideas and opinions because
It makes me feel like I have something to

I am proud of ???

I am proud of the way my team has been working
I think we have made a lot of teamwork a lot of
Are measurements are perfect for the fit
All of us have made some success in
Are project we have changed some of
The ideas like how we were just
Going to have a strap  around his tummy
But we have added an cute little bow tie
For the dog and we hope that It will fit

My next steps are to???

I think we could improve this by trying all different ideas and making some new ones.
Ask for help instead of giving up and slaking
Off  helping and sharing instead of trying to be the boss of the project.

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  1. I love how you used strong words in your story and I love the pitcher.