Sunday, 9 April 2017

What I play hard at

What I play hard at ? Netball skills.

As I wake up I know that today is going to be such an important day for me. Today is going to be the best day ever .I get to go to my favourite sport ( netball). I'm so excited about it because it's my first day, and I'm hoping to see some friends ,and maybe make some new ones too. The point of it is that I get to have fun .
My mother has been wanting me to do a sport for a while expect I didn't know what sort of sport I wanted to play . A few weeks ago an idea popped into my head, and mum and I made a deal . Our deal was that I could choose to play netball if I would contribute every Monday. I go to a netball skills programme called Motivations and I love it .Every now and then I will practice and learn different skills so every day I am always ready for it. As we go and arrive, I know that it will be awesome, and it is .When it has finally come to the end, I am as sweaty as a big old elephant that has just run 2k sprint.
Learning netball is one of the best activities I have tried. I think it is a great sport for both genders, because there are different versions and skills you can learn and try.

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