Thursday, 22 June 2017

Trebuchet VS onager

Onager vs trebuchet

This term we have been learning about the similarities and differences between
These two catapults.

These are some similarities. We found out that they both use forces, they also both go faster with more pressure and both will hurt if you get hit.  Both have to use a string to fire and both arms curve as the ball flings away.

These are some of our differences that we found out about the trebuchet.
The trebuchet has more velocity because it has a longer arm. The trebuchet goes higher because the arm is longer and the trebuchet uses weights to get more power.

These are some differences that we found out (onager)
The onager has more velocity.  Also the onager goes lower then the trebuchet we think that it is because the onager has a shorter arm and the onager goes faster because it has more power.

Overall : We think that they are similar in a lot of ways because they both use forces.
They are different because the onager is more powerfull but the trebuchet can fire further .


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  1. Dear Elia,
    Wow! This piece of writing is amazing and not just because I wrote it with you I really like the overall statement.