Monday, 3 July 2017

Wk science journal  wk 4

This term we are learning about
A trebuchet. A trebuchet is type of
Catapult, we are learning what are some the forces you can use on this type of catapult.

I noticed that the more weight we used the further it went .
For example
If I added 13 weights, it would go further then if I added 9
weights. It is very easy to the string hold it in place. I would think that the wood was heavier. We tried different weights .
We used two different balls, the first ball we used was a tennis ball. The second ball was a hockey ball. I noticed the first ball we used went further than the second ball. I found out that when the ball was in the air
I thought that by the air pressure
the ball might go further. For example if there was no wind and your ball is flying through the
air then your ball could go further.

On a rubric I think I am relational,because I can explain the forces used on this catapult and why. Also many of
my ideas connect,I would also be able to share this to any sort of group. And not mind any feedback or opinions about this piece of writing.

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