Sunday, 10 September 2017

Did you know,  that 99% of my morning,  is spent in bed?

The best speech ever

I am sleeping peacefully then…... the alarm bursts with a blasting, annoying sound right in my ear . Has that ever happened to you? I keep my eyes closed and whack my hand out trying to stop that screeching noise!! Smack, smack, smack. But all I end up with is a sore hand from hitting the bedside table. Finally I managed to make my nemesis go silent. Yes, more time to relax and daydream. Beep!, beep! beep! Well at least I got 5 more minutes as I had only hit the snooze button!!!! Fine I say to the clock. I’m awake. Are you happy now?

All I needed was some more sleep. But that was not to happen. Mum throws my bedroom door open and in her too bright for the morning voice says “ time to get up otherwise I’ll have to drag you out of bed”. I keep my eyes closed and the blanket pulled up over my mouth so she doesn’t see my cheeky smile. I think I must be such a good actor and she will totally leave me alone. But oh no not this time!

She pulls off the blanket and the freezing air makes me shiver. It was like I just woke up in Antarctica... without a tent a sleeping bag or any pyjamas!!! That is how cold I was  She reaches the for my legs and I roll over pretending to still be asleep trying to get away from her cold hands yanking me out of bed. One big yank and I’m on the floor. “Alright I’ll get dressed” I say to Mum” Trust me”. Yeah right. I know that as soon as she leaves I am going straight back to bed! Finally she leaves the room and I grab the covers faster than a rocket blasting into space.

Ahhhh the warm, comfy blanket wraps around my body. I close my eyes and drift off to sleep. Mum calls out “are you getting dressed Elia?” I reply “Yes, I’ll be there in a minute” but I know that is not going to happen as my priority is to stay right here in bed.

Seconds go by then minutes. I am finally achieving my goal of spending 99% of my time in bed. Success!! Breaking the silence Mum calls out again “Come on Elia time to go, it’s Tuesday and I have to be at school early”.I suddenly have a shocking thought. It is Tuesday and Discovery is on and I was meant to organise ingredients to make slime! I’m still in my Pajamas and haven’t even had breakfast!

Did I say 99% of my morning was spent in bed well I mean only 10% as I still always have to get up. Oh but what a lovely dream!!!!

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